Friday, January 2, 2009

Yeah 2009

Happy New Year! I've been waiting for this for months, and now that it's come, i feel like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I keep telling myself,"in 2009, Steve is gonna shine". Uber-cheeze I know, but everybody needs a new mantra every so often to freshen things up.

I haven't yet started the movie watching today, but I can guarantee it's going to consume a great part of my afternoon and evening. I currently have a super-weird,rubbersuit-infested anime-style live action in my dvd player that I am dying to finish. I started watching Garo last night and was completely amazed by the action scenes and special effect with what little I saw. Not saying that the cg and rubber suits were completley realistic. Quite the contrary. It looks like over-the-top trash that is one of those many qualities that make japanese cinema so entertaining. Garo was apparently a series and this is a two-part made for tv movie. I'm not quite sure, but I'll be sure to write more about it later on today.

I'm most likely going to add the blaxploitation classic Black Samson to my daily routine. I haven't seen a good blaxploitation movie in weeks, and i've been in the mood, especially after listening to Wu-tang for a good part of the morning. besides, this one has lions. I love movies with wild animals in urban environments. Really, how bad can it be.



  1. I felt exactly the same way about 2009. Its not cheez filled! Sometimes we all need to feel like we're getting a fresh start!

  2. Doesn't it make you think of the baby jesus song "this little light of mine" though?

  3. yo, that Garo is piss pants funny. When that guy turned into a guy on a UNICORN me and my buddy Chris flipped the fuck out!