Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hells Angels on Wheels(1967)

Jack Nicholson will always look the same, despite how young he was over 40 years ago. Even in Hells Angels on Wheels he looks like a middle aged man, despite being in his 20's. I'm not the biggest fan of Jack, but he does do a helluva good job of playing himself. Give Christian Slater a couple of years, and he'll be just as good at playing Jack Nicholson.

Apparently Sonny Barger once told the media, that this movie is the most accurate portrayal of the Hell's Angel's ever to come out of Hollywood. I can believe that statement when it comes down to the partying, fights, and weekend rides. But I have a hard time believing in the complete disregard for life. Yes, motorcycle clubs tend run on the other side of the law, but not to the point where the death of an old man is shrugged off. Give me a break.

All in all, I enjoyed watching this movie. Jack Nicholson plays the Poet, a wayward youngster who becomes a pledge for the Angels. He likes to "scramble" and defend the brothers, and they see that as a desirable trait. What is not seen as desirable is Poet's affection for Shill, who just happens to be Buddy's(the Sonny Barger character) whenever-he-wants fucktoy. The story isn't all that deep, and the music isn't that great, but Jack plays Jack and that's what the people want. I also felt that it was filmed really well and the fight and riding sequences were really fun.

From other reviews I've read, this is supposed to be one of the best biker movie to come out of the 60's. I will have to decide that for myself, since I haven't seen a whole lot of biker movies. Next stop on the leather n' Harley express, Werewolves on Wheels.

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