Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Streets of Fire

So early this morning in between drunkiness and not being able to sleep I decided to watch a blast from the past, Streets of Fire. Anyone who watched lots of HBO during the early 80's, as I did, has probably seen this movie at least 3 times. A self-described "rock n roll fable", SOF is supposed to be the perfect fusion of JD movie,rock n' roll, and 80's glamour rolled into one. To me it was less perfect than I remember it being when I was pre-pubescent. What did I know back then, I also used to wear a Michael Jackson "thriller"-style jacket. I was pretty dumb. I did get a kick out of watching this when the drunk was still on during the first 20 minutes. But then I passed out, woke up and watched the rest, and wasn't as impressed.

The idea of the movie is pretty cool, but the director should have remembered when you hire relative unknowns, you are not dealing with the most quality acting. Which I don't really mind so much, I worship Bruce Campbell. The most atrocious part of this movie were two of the performed songs, which were written by the same piece of shit who wrote for Meatloaf. So the songs sound like Bat Out Of Hell but with a female vocalist, give me a fucking break. I hate Meatloaf so much, I would rather see him get typecast as a retarded fat man in every movie Hollywood releases than see him put out another album. Fuckin' scumbag.

Redeeming qualities in the movie:

*Bill Paxton's pompadour and chipped tooth,he also got his ass beat by a girl
*a performance by the Blasters
*rad ass pickaxe fight
*hot rods and greasers
*Willem Dafoe playing an asshole, there really are no other roles for him

Ohter than that, I recommend this movie while drunk or if you are one of those sad sods who actually enjoys Meatloaf. And if you are, GO FUCK YOURSELF!


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