Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First post..woo hoo..

Here starts the latest installment in the fairly sizable list of blogs and writing contributed by yours truly. From the beer reviews, to my own personal MySpace opinions, all the way to the contributions I made to Cinema's been a long ride down a gravel driveway. For me anyhow. I created this blog more for my own need to write than to provide a media outlet for the rest of the world. If it does come to that, so be it. I've been stuck in a creative rut for the majority of the year and I'm trying to use this outlet for therapeutic purposes. I'm swearing to myself to write at least one post a day related to one of my greatest loves and hobbies...watching movies. Not your run-of-the mill Hollywood blockbusters, or your pseudo-intelligentsia catering indie flick. I'm talking straight-up grindhouse shit. 42nd Street-style softcore, kung-fu kicking ,italian directed, type of shit. I might throw in some french new wave and arthouse every once in awhile just to keep in fresh. But most of what I watch is considered by many to be trash, hence the name of the blog( it's in Italian, if you were curious).

So let's play ball.


  1. Hi,

    just found this blog due to the magic of google analytics. This is going to be right up my street (I can tell!) good luck with this one_ I am going to add you to the blogroll of my movie blogs and will probably comment from time to time.

  2. Comment as much as you like. I, too ,have added you to my blogroll.