Monday, February 21, 2011

FestQuest:SXSW 2011 Midnighters - Phase 7(Argentina)

Even though I can't recall seeing much for cinema out of Argentina, SXSW is screening at least 2 motion pictures from the Malbec and Beef capital of the World so there has to be something good happening. Aside from a movie poster and a trailer, there isn't much I can find about Phase 7(2010). To me, it looks like a comical approach to a post-apocalyptic movie....Disease, quarantine, and social darwinism. All the great makings of a "post-apoc" with a flair of funny. I'm in. Hopefully Phase 7 makes the Northeastern rounds.

Film Threat says - "Coco just moved to his new apartment with 7-month pregnant wife. When the building is in quarantined for a deadly flue. The neighbors became unexpected enemies."

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