Sunday, February 20, 2011

Choy Lee Fut trailer starring Kane Kosugi and Sammo Hung

"Big Ups" tenfold to the Blogger Gods over at Twitch for constantly providing me with hope for the future. As I was perusing the latest postings earlier this hour I happened upon this rough trailer for Choy Lee Fut starring both Sammo Hung and Kane Kosugi. Typically I have little interest for martial arts movies set in modern day, but seeing this trailer gave me black belt-level boner. It probably has something to do with seeing Kane Kosugi in a CHINESE martial arts flick with Hung, who apparently happens to be his best friend in real life. Long gone are the days of little Kane fighting gangs of punks with his ninja dad. He's his own badass now.

IMDB does have an entry for it yet, but from what I've read it stars the two as European best friends who happen to be students of Hung Gar style and then head off to learn the Choy Lee Fut style, a Southern Chinese form. The trailer gives it a Bloodsport element, which I'm not the least bit opposed to. I'm not quite sure when I'll get my chance to see this on American soil, but hopefully my dream will be fulfilled before 2012.

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