Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Screen Big Apple- Alien Vs. Ninja(2010) Tues. Feb. 15th at 10pm in Brooklyn

For those fans of such insane, Japanese gorefests like Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl, has reRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn have a surprise for you. For one night only, reRun is going be showing the latest cinematic shitshow, Alien Vs. Ninja on Tuesday evening to celebrate the blue ray/dvd release. The best part of going to see AVN on Tuesday night is that you don't have to pay for it. Admission is free. Don't show up with pockets completely empty though, because reRun has a bar and a full menu(all I have to say is popcorn drenched in bacon fat).

reRun says - "In ancient Japan, the fiercest ninjas of the Iga clan face their toughest enemies—and they aren't from this planet! A fiery mass crashes in the forest, and soon, horrifyingly savage creatures reduce the warriors to tasty snacks. But these jerks from outer space have bitten off more than they can chew. The ninjas' swords and throwing stars may fail against the unearthly goons, but their skills don't stop at sharp stuff. If you're into ARMY OF DARKNESS, you’ll be taking bets over who'll win this over-the-top battle for survival!"

Doors open at 9pm, so be sure to get there early enough for seats and shots. Get your free tickets here(limit of 4 per person).

Tuesday February 15th at 10pm @ reRun Gastropub Theater 147 Front Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

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