Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Screen Big Apple- Dead or Alive(1999) and Miike Tues. 3/15 at 7:30 PM

It's a good thing The Japan Society is taking a couple days off from Hardest Men in Town: Yakuza Chronicles of Sin, Sex & Violence film series after the underworld onslaught this past weekend, because it get's dizzying keeping up with everything...phew! Tuesday night the cinematic slaughter continues with Dead or Alive(1999) followed by a Q&A with one of Japan's favorite sons, Takashi Miike.

The Japan Society says - "A mind-boggling carnival of ultra-violence, massive drug use, punch-drunk camerawork and unending stroboscopic editing, perfectly calculated to induce an outbreak of rapture that will leave the viewer shaking and ringing from the shock. Miike's legendary Dead or Alive pits a yakuza of Chinese descent (Riki Takeuchi) against a Japanese cop (Sho Aikawa) in the mean streets of Tokyo's crime-infested Shinjuku area, prowled by warring factions that vie for supremacy. Their fated encounter, propelled by an astonishing opening reel of hyperspeed action, leads a truly out-this-earth, apocalyptic conclusion, perhaps the most spectacular showdown ever committed to celluloid. Visuals, courtesy of "Hana-bi" D.P. Hideo Yamamoto, are slick and arresting and give a proud, bloody-minded majesty to the trip."

Tuesday, March 15th 7:30 PM @ Japan Society, 333 East 47th Street, at 47th Street and First Avenue

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