Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Screen Big Apple- Blue Sunshine(1978) Sat. March 5 at Midnight

I really wanted to add this entry yesterday, but my old ass computer had a bit of a fan problem that prevented me from getting anything done, aside from swearing profusely. I've heard folks talk about Blue Sunshine(1978) but didn't really know much about. I don't know if the trailer does it justice, but it involves murder, drugs, and bald people so how bad can it be.

IMDB says - "At a party, someone goes insane and murders three women. Falsely accused of the brutal killings, Jerry is on the run. More bizarre killings continue with alarming frequency all over town. Trying to clear his name, Jerry discovers the shocking truth...people are losing their hair and turning into violent psychopaths and the connection may be some LSD all the murderers took a decade before."

Spectacle says - "Several former college students find their drug experiences catching up with them in an unexpected and terrifying manner. Circumstantial evidence links Jerry Zipkin (Zalman King) to a string of unmotivated, crazed killings. On the run and attempting to clear his name, the Stanford graduate tails a bootleg acid chemist in order to discover the possible connection between the spontaneous murderous rampages by the once close circle of friends and a potent, but tainted variety of LSD (nicknamed Blue Sunshine) that his former college buddies all ingested ten years earlier in the late sixties.

Blue Sunshine was directed by Jeff Lieberman, who also directed the cult favorites Squirm and Just Before Dawn."

Saturday, March 5th at Midnight @ Spectacle 124 S. 3rd St., (at Bedford Ave.)Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  1. You defintely have some of the coolest movie theatres around, my man. I would love to see this one on the big screen (and a bunch of the others that you've posted). I'd also love to hear your thoughts on these flicks, especially if you find the time go check them out. Have a great weekend, and be cool.

  2. I would love to be able to catch all the movies I post about, but then I would probably be without a girlfriend. I might be able to catch it, the issue is being able to concentrate on it when I will probably be half in the bag.