Thursday, March 31, 2011

70's Skinflick Double Feature Saturday Night at Midnight

I may not be too interested in Spectacle Theater's Midnite pick for Friday, but they have more than made up for it with a 42nd Street-style double feature on Saturday Night. I'm not much of a perv myself, but getting to see these two classics on a double bill isn't going to happen too many more times in my life, if at all.

The show starts at midnight with the film that brought porn to the masses, Deep Throat(1972).

IMDB says - "Linda, frustrated that her hugely energetic sex life leaves her unsatisfied, seeks medical help. The doctor informs her that the reason for her problem is that her clitoris is mistakenly located at the back of her throat - but there is a very simple remedy, which the doctor, and various other men, proceed to demonstrate..."

There aren't many movies out there that can top the Linda Lovelace classic. If any movie can do it, it would have to be the Devil in Miss Jones(1973).

IMBD says - "Miss Jones is tired of her life and commits suicide. She comes to a place where its decided if she will end up in Heaven or Hell. Because of her suicide she should go to Hell but she has the option to return to Earth and live life according to one of the mortal sins for some time. She picks lust and a few days of carnal pleasure follows."

Saturday, April 2nd at Midnight @ Spectacle 124 S. 3rd St., (at Bedford Ave.)Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  1. That is quite a double feature! Spectacle Theater must be some amazing place in your city?

  2. They are doing awesome in my book with the weekend Midnite Movies and incredible prices, but because they are a newer theater Brooklyn, and NYC itself, didn't always have such a great selection of cinematic entertainment. Especially over the last few years. To many indies, not enough trash.

  3. Haha Amen! I live in Tucson. We have shit when it comes to trashy ass movies. Theres one independent theater that has cult movie nights and special screenings.