Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Count Orlok in 3-D at Tribeca

Yesterday I was listening to the most excellent Cinemaslave podcast #116 and discovered some even more excellent news: The Murnau classic Nosferatu has been re-edited for 3-D!! Keith Carter, the director/animator and man responsible for this herculean effort, was able to dissect an original print of the movie and , through modern animation techniques, put forth a re-imagining unlike anything done.

The best part about this story is I'm going to be able to see it next week ,on the Big Screen at the NYC Horror Film Festival. New York, get your 3-D glasses ready, because Nosferatu:Orlock the Vampire in 3-D will be showing Saturday, November 21st, 1 PM, at the Tribeca Cinemas(54 Varick St., New York, NY 10013).

For a great interview with the director, follow the link here.
Time for some trailer action...


  1. Glad to see press for this everywhere! My name is Chris Heuer. I did the 3d effects work for the film. I wrote an article about the process, if you have an interest in the techy side of things.


  2. Thsnkd Chris. I'll be more than happy to check out the article. I have an interest in tech, but I don't know what exactly is going on some of the time.