Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Screen Big Apple- The Sinful Dwarf(1973) Friday at Midnight

When I first moved to the Williamsburg/Bushwick area five years ago, there were very few places close by to catch a movie unless I wanted to watch some trustfunder's hoity-toity, experimental shit film. In that case, I could always head over to Monkeytown and pay too much for drinks and a movie only understood by the artist and those psuedo-intellects who pretend to be "in the know". Not really my cup of tea. In the past if I wanted to catch some vaguely trashy, bloody, or interesting, I would have to travel into Manhattan for some one-off showing at midnight. As colorful of a grindhouse past as this city has, there are actually very few places to go see a movie I am interested in these days. Sure, back then I could probably find one movie of interest each week in one of the many indie theaters the Rotten Apple holds, but finding that right film takes a bit more research than I'm willing to put in. If the listing wasn't in the Village Voice (it's not anymore) I probably wouldn't know if something entertaining was playing.

Fast-forward 4 years....Monkeytown no longer exists in Williamsburg. In it's place, two other indie theaters open up to serve the local hipness. One theater might as well be a better-scheduled replica closer to the water. The food and drink are a tad bit cheaper, but the pretension remains the same. The latter runs as a not-for-profit with a focus on hard to find films, artsy or not. The space may be smaller, but you can still get popcorn and beer. Better than that, admission is a cool 5 buck. Best of all, the Midnite Movie tradition from ages past is reborn, making Spectacle a gift from the gods in the heart of hipsville. My prayers have been answered!

Friday at midnight Spectacle Theater brings a XXX grindhouse classic to the City that Never Sleeps, The Sinful Dwarf(1973) !

IMDB says - "Heartwarming tale about a mischeif-making, wind-up toy loving dwarf and his retired stage-queen mother, working together to make ends meet by renting out rooms in their large home. To supplement their modest income, they randomly kidnap young girls and chain them up inside their attic. Gentlemen stop in periodically to use the girls for sex, and show their appreciation with cash donations. To keep the girls in line, our friendly dwarf injects them with daily doses of heroin. When a young couple rents a room in the house, complications ensue which pose a threat to the family business."

So if your sick of the same old Friday night drink and dance, head on over to Spectacle Theater January 21st at midnight for a change of pace.

Spectacle Theater, 124 S. 3rd St., (at Bedford Ave.)Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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