Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Thankfully the holidays are over. As much fun as it was, it was just a little too hectic for my taste. I know I say the same thing every year, and have the same amount of relief when its over, but god damn it's rough on a man! Now that it's over, it's hibernatin' time. Not that I'll be spending the rest of Winter sleeping, but there will be a bunch of sitting on my ass in front of the tube, polluting my DVD player. Not only am I going to get plenty of movie watching done, I'm going to try to get in at least 15 blog entries a month.

Now for the biggest reason I'm writing this little ditty, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Me, as in, Cinematografo Dei Trash, the very genre cinema blog you have your beady, little eyes focused on at this moment. It has been a year and a couple days since I started sharing my self-described expertise with the rest of the world, and I have learned quite a bit this past year. First off, it is really fuckin' hard to write a movie review every day. In the beginning I thought it might be probable, but it didn't take me long to realize it's not a good idea. Maybe one review a week, two if I'm lucky.

Second.....warm weather is a burden on my ability to sit in front of my computer. As much as I would like to spend a couple hours everyday updating this labor of love, when it's Springtime this guy wants to hit the parks and beer gardens! Hopefully this year I will learn how to better mange my time so that I may write more than 4 entries a month during the Spring.

I could go on and on with excuses about what I need to do to make this blog thingy a better experience, but in reality I just need more focus. I am proud of the fact that I am still going after a year. I haven't had a track record like that since my Livejournal days.

So here's to one more year!! Hopefully, if all goes well, you will be seeing a bunch more this year than in the last, and hopefully more contributors besides this guy!! One of these days CDT is going to be the Twitch of the realm of moustaches and car chases.

To another year!!!

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