Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Screen Big Apple: Gen or Glenda Tonight

In conjunction with Tim Burton's exhibit, MoMA is going to be showing some of the best, and worst, of the cinema that influenced Hollywood's biggest Darkstar. Getting back to the worst(for some, myself excluded)catagory, tonight New Yorkers get the pleasure of seeing the genderbending classic Glen or Glenda, directed by Hollywood's most crossdresser and worst director, Ed Wood. And he's not only the director, he also has a starring appearance in full feminine garb. So give the wife the credit card tonight and tell her to hit up the Meatpacking with her friends. When the coast is clear, throw on her best dress and that wig you've been hiding since Halloween, cuz it's time to hit up the MoMA!!!

Glen or Glenda(1953)
:IMDB says"Cross-dressing B-movie auteur Edward D. Wood Jr. was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world with this purportedly sincere attempt at understanding transvestism rendered unintelligible by Ed Wood's unfathomable script, bizarre pantomime-esque vignettes and a visibly morphine-addled Bela Lugosi shouting about big green dragons. Written by Anonymous"

Glen or Glenda
January 22nd @ 4:30 PM, MoMA 11 West 53rd St.

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