Sunday, October 11, 2009

When friends make movies:True King-The Steve Hawkes Story

There are two kinds of people in my world: those who watch movies and those who make movies. I, like a lot of people I know, fit very nicely into the first category. In fact, not only do I watch movies, I try to step it up and write about the movies I watch. After watching 1000's of movies in my lifetime,there are certain elements each and every one of my cinematic delights that make that movie favorable to me. I use these favorable elements to analyze, form opinions, and apply this thought process to anything else I might watch in the future Over time, these thoughts and ideas of what makes a movie good enough might come together to form a cohesive storyline for what I would consider the perfect movie. If I then chose to put those ideas on paper, I might start the slow transition into becoming the other guy: the movie maker.

Chances are, that won't happen anytime soon, if at all.

Thankfully I know people who had the dream, and the drive to become the movie makers, and are in the process of making it happen. Unfortunately, making a movie is no simple task. It requires 100's of hours of work, whether it's filming or editing, and a fair amount of capital. That's right kids.....Capital. Very rarely, if at all, will a film maker see there ideas put to film without a sizable amount of cashflow.

This is the predicament my homeboys over at Bife Productions are currently in. Currently, Pete Barr and Tim Fife have completed the filming, created a teaser trailer, and I working around the clock trying to do whatever humanly possible to finish, True King:The Steve Hawkes Story. For them to truly reach the freshman filmer finish line, though, they need to raise $2000 by December 1st. 51 days to make a dream a reality. Thankfully, with the help of and your donation, as well as mine, I think this goal can be reached.

True King is a documentary about Steve Hawkes, former body builder and b-movie star, who after a horrific accident, left Hollywood for good and now runs a big cat sanctuary in Florida. Who in their right mind wouldn't be interested in learning about the exciting life of a former Tarzan? Besides, this movie has tiger cubs, and everybody loves tiger cubs. Big cats in cinema always make a movie that much more entertaining.

If that's not enough to get you interested, check out one of the trailers:

For more information about the movie and the ability to give your two-cents(literally)check out the True King Kickstarter site.

And to read and excellent article about the True King project, give the Seacoast Online article a looksee.

Let's make this happen!!!

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  1. This looks like it will definitely be an interesting documentary, but the trailer is kind of boring... It started out kinda cool but you guys stay on a lot of the shots for an unbearable amount of time. The only shot I did like in that manner was the zoomed in shot of the cub and Steve Hawkes.
    I would also like to mention that a lot of your shots are not relevant to what the documentary is about. If you are trying to get people to be more interested, you should show more video clips of Steve, the big cats and even his prior movies and body building clips. You need more of this so people know what the documentary is about. If I hadn't of read the description before hand I would have no clue to what you guys were trying to get across.
    I apologize for my critical remarks, but I definitely am intrigued by the idea and think this has potential, I just wanted to give some pointers on how to make it better.
    I hope that all goes well and I wish you luck!!