Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Luchador Posters and Refusal Process

Unlike the rest of the genre blogging community, I am not going to review any horror movies this week. Yes, it's true, I'm a nonconformist just like all my friends. It has nothing to do with hatred of the Halloween holiday or horror in general. I've actually been watching horror movies non-stop for close to a week. I just feel like doing something a little bit different but still within the spirit. You see, for the last 2 Halloweens I have donned a luchador mask. Luchadors aren't very scary, but I love them and they live in their costumes, and I tend to spend a bit more blogspace than most people on the subject.

While looking over Wrong Side of the Art today during my lunch, as I usually do, I came across this lovely poster from the luchador movie The Rose on the Ring(Una rosa sobre el ring,1973,Mexico)a movie I picked up for 5 bucks a couple years back, and even though it has no subtitles, enjoyed watching it. What sets this flick apart from other Mil Mascaras movies is the way it plays out. Instead of cheesy monsters and glorious wrestling madness, this movie could be set to an opera without a problem. A cheesy opera mind you, but one none the less. I am always happy finding luchador posters on Wrong Side. It means it's just one more piece of awesome to post on my wall.

Ain't it Majestic?

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