Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Podcast Killed the Radio Star

It's been awhile, but I go through short stretches of not watching
movies especially when I'm trying to catch up on two seasons of Lost.
During these periods of time I try not to fully disassociate myself
from cinema. Lately, to pass the time during my commute and work
itself, I've found that I have enjoyed listening to genre-related
podcasts, several in fact. I guess I would relate this behavior to
talk-radio for a new generation. Not that I was ever one of those
assholes that listened to NPR on there portable radio 24-7, but I've
discovered the older I get the more I can appreciate talking rather
than music to fill in those hours of social isolation in my office.
What makes the podcast superior over talk radio is that you can
actually listen to whatever the fuck you walk, rather than some
asshole keeping you updated on Somalian pirates when you want to hear
about teabaggers. I don't really think radio will become obsolete
anytime soon, but the days a re numbered.

There are quite a few out there in podworld, and I've tried out a
couple that just didn't work for me. The podcasts I enjoy, I listen to
on a regular basis, and I've compiled a list of my most enjoyable
downloads. If you know of a podcast I might have skipped, it's not
necessarily because I know it and don't like it, it's probably because
I haven't yet experienced it yet.

First off, check out Outside the
brought to you by Bill By Force and Mr. Chris. OTC is
updated weekly and is typically well over an hour long, something I'm
a huge fan of. Two movies are usually covered over this time, which seems to be the industry standard along with the last part of the show being for guest voice/email, much better than covering one movie. One of the things that separates them from the rest, besides there winning Boston-metro personalities, is the “Top 6 List” they start each podcast off with. These lists can range anywhere from “movies I would bring my mother to” to “film scores”. As far as filler is concerned, anyone that plays hardcore in between segments is gold to me. I love me some fuckin’ HC! Whatever the list is, it is typically a good topic to start the show with. OTC, along with a couple other podcasts that will be mentioned, are part of a larger media collective that goes by Pop Syndicate, who you should definitely check out. If you take the time to listen and enjoy Outside the Cinema, you should check out their sister show The Shinfo Show (short for Shitty Info). It’s very little like OTC but is a great way to get lost in your headphones for an hour or more.

When checking out Pop Syndicate, don’t forget to download the latest webisode of Gentlemens Guide to Midnite Cinema, GGTMC if the first is too much of a mouthful for you. Hosted from multiple international locations(USA and Canada), The Samurai and Large William typically run a double-feature review, and lately, sometimes a triple-play in the case of sequels. Like OTC, fan mail is typically read at the end of the show. What really separates this show from the others, besides being international and The Samurai’s smooth southern accent that I could listen to on a loop to fall asleep with like whale-songs, is the mini-review that is given in between segments. I can’t really remember names at this moment, but it just so happens to be family-friendly genre reviews put together by a father and daughter team. Typically I’m not a family-friendly kinda guy. But I got to hand it to GGTMC for encouraging genre to a wider audience, even though most of the show is really not, I repeat NOT, for children’s ears.

Last, but not least, in my favorite selections from the Pop Syndicate family is Cinema Diabolica. I like to consider Diabolica less of a podcast and more of a blooming empire. From what I understand, F13 and DZ are in the process of releasing material under the Cinema Diabolica name up to five times a week. Currently they have the review podcast and Diabolic Radio, which runs about a half hour and usually features a guest DJ from other podcast spinning there favorite tunes for the duration of the show. CD haven’t been updating recently, which has left me a shell of a man, but I’m sure when the expansion is finalized I’m going to have diabolic entertainment flowing out of my ass like a chocolate waterfall.

For the last two, I’m gonna hop across the pond to the Land Of Marmite and Rain…England!!! First off, we have Mondo Movie Podcast brought to you by two geezers from London who know what the fuck they are talking about. Mondo’s crowning achievement is their amazing ability to cover not two movies, but muthafuckin’ THREE in most shows, and still manage to cover the basics like fan mail, small talk, ect. I thought I was happy with two flicks, but three makes me warm in my funpants.

Last but not least, I bring you Goreboy Radio, a podcast I only recently started listening to and enjoy a great deal. Typically, I’m not a fan of the single person podcast, I find it to be the sonic equivalent of watching Terri Shiavo and a snail race. Not the case with Goreboy. He manages to keep me entertained for the entirety of his 2 hour podcast. It could be the fact that he can ramble like a pro or it could be the kick ass background music that is in constant play, like Goblin. And if you like Goblin you are probably a future friend, because I love that shit. The last show I listened to he brought it well into the 8th dimension with FIVE, count them, FIVE reviews. Holy Rotting Christ!! He also manages to spend the beginning of the show going over weird news, which keeps in away from being just another cult reviewer. This weeks new favorite.

I’m sure there are more out there that I didn’t touch upon. Feel free to recommend a podcast you think is great and I’ll give it a listen. Anything to keep me from withering up in a ball at work from the sounds of AM 70’s bullshit.

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