Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sound on Sight and Carradine the Man

10 days into the month and I give you my first post, aren't I the fuckin' slacker!?! Yeah well, the weather is nice so I haven't been writing as much as I used to, but that will all hopefully change. Recently, I was given the opportunity to write for Sound on Sight and will be contributing to there awesome website as much as possible writing horror/genre film news and quite possibly movie reviews. I had been suffering from writer's block over the last month or so, but with the death of David Carradine last week, I found my chance to write about it. Let's just hope I can keep this roll going. The article I wrote can be found here. I wanted to write a eulogy for CdT(this site, asshole!), but I have come to feel I can pay the man more respect by enjoying and reviewing his contributions to the world of cinema, which you will hopefully see over the next couple of weeks.

So check out Sound on Sight. Read the reviews, listen to the podcast, feel the power of pure awesomeness. Sound on Sight are also part of the Pop Syndicate family, so feel free to stroll over there and check out the plethora of greatness they have to offer.

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